it is useless to hide things under the snow. Sooner or later the snow melts and you don't always discover valuable things

Pasquale Aiello: “It is useless to hide things under the snow. Sooner or later the snow melts and you don’t always discover valuable things” 

More than a year has passed since the beginning of the pandemic. Finally, the need of governments and governance systems, capable of recalibrating social, employment and stabilization policies, seems to be clear. Only one Minister of the Italian Republic seems not to have understood this, Renato Brunetta.

The space between family, school, work, social life and society is getting smaller and smaller. Inclusion becomes no longer a goal to be reached but rather to create. Organizational systems that screw on themselves and on the people who are part of them cannot reach anyone if not a small circle of subjects.

Remote working will be a pillar of the economy and there is no economy without work. Very often this condition escapes economists and experts. We will work online from home, but this requires an architectural reinterpretation of spaces, buildings, cities and economic geography indicators. Probably this is the challenge that Brunetta did not want to accept.


Families are adapting with difficult to everyday work, but nor companies nor governments seem to understand the needs of the remote work and its impact in an anthropological key. We must learn to understand the new cycle of value generation because a lot of energy is spent and wasted even when working from home.

The city must be more suited to enable daily meetings in presence and therefore must be redesigned. The smart cities still seem to be a dream and it is said that they are a solution to the problem while there can be no society without a chance to socialize. There are no new forms of socialization, there are and are emerging new ways to establish contact, which is a very different thing. Human beings need to socialize, always. The damage to people’s mental and psychophysical health begins to show itself. Is the human being an adaptation animal? Up to a certain point and with great conflict.


Economy and Job: who are we asking to push the car to restart it?

Economy and Job: who are we asking to push the car to restart it?

You can not ask to be starting to push an old machine, addressing to people with a fever of 40 degrees, neither have the strength, can not have it. The governance system must first heal using “technology and innovation(the wheel is fine too)” to minimize friction with the ground. Only after doing this can you ask people with a fever of 38, not 40, to push the car and restart it. We will be able to talk about 36 only after making peace with the environment that hosts us.

The critical issues are many but what we cannot afford to do is hide things under the snow.





October 15, 2021

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